The nimblenote app does not collect any personal information from you or any data relating to your notes.

This website also collects no personal information from you. We use GoatCounter for our analytics which are privacy-aware.

Support interactions

When handling support reuqests via email, we collect:

  • Your email address
  • The information you provide voluntarily in the email

This information is stored solely so that we can help assist you. We retain support emails to:

  • Have context from previous conversations between ourselves
  • Identify trends in support requests which may help us solve problems

If you would like us to remove support emails you have sent, please email

Application usage analytics

Although nimblenote collects no personal data from you, if you have installed it via the Snap Store, that store may collect information from you, and that relevant information is processed by Canonical.

For the purposes of better supporting nimblenote development, we collect the computer platform (for example, macOS, Linux or Windows), architecture (for example, x64 or arm64) and the version of nimblenote you are running, in a completely anonymised fashion.

Update checking

For Linux, automatic updates are handled by the Snap Store. The relevant information is processed by Canonical.

For macOS and Windows, nimblenote checks for the latest releases that we host with GitHub, downloading any new versions directly from GitHub. GitHub may collect information from you, and that relevant information is processed by GitHub.

Newsletter subscriptions

If you sign-up to the nimblenote newsletter, your contact details will be stored with Mailchimp. You can unsubscribe at anytime via the link on any of the emails you receive, or by visiting the unsubscribe form here and entering the email address you subscribed with.

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"when it comes to simplicity one could make the case that no other note-taking app is as effective and as straightforward as nimblenote"

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"a rather splendid keyboard-driven note taking app for macOS and Linux"