It started out as a personal project to build a Notational Velocity clone, a fantastic app I used for years to write small notes quickly and to be able to search for them just as fast when I needed them.

The beauty of Notational Velocity was the keyboard-driven user experience. You could action all of your notes with an intuitive interface, powered by a search box, note list and editor. Development ceased on Notational Velocity back in 2011.

Work began on the app several years ago, and I used it personally for those years. Then when COVID-19 appeared, I needed something to occupy my coding urges with, so I decided to revive development, clean everything up, and start packaging it for macOS, Linux and (shortly) Windows.

nimblenote was originally titled Noted, a great name that Luke Morton twiddled out of his hair. Disaster then struck, when an app already existed under that name on the Mac App Store, and nimblenote was born. My other good friend Colin Meinke lovingly hand-crafted the icon.

nimble | ˈnɪmb(ə)l |

quick and light in movement or action; agile:

with a deft motion of her nimble fingers.

nimblenote is developed by David Winter under the guise of leaves under foot.